Testimonials: Some Happy Riders Tales

TWT provides excellent support at an event as the Haute Route, so you only have to focus on the stages, a live like a pro experience.


Haute Route Alps 2018

Thanks for all the support and service making the Haute Route with TWT an incredible trip.


Haute Route Pyrenees 2018 - Repeat Haute Route Rockies 2017

Travelling with twowheeltours has been incredible and I can't recommend it highly enough. Haute Route is a great opportunity to cycle in the best parts of the world and achieve your goals, but Will's support makes it even better. Sharing the experience with the team of other riders and staff, creates such fun and makes the memories last. I had such a great time on tour with you all and can’t wait until next year. Thank you for putting on such a week, it was amazing and better than I’d hoped.


Haute Route Pyrenees 2018

It was a wonderful week and I enjoyed very much being part of the twowheeltours team. What a great support and what a nice group of people to ride with. Could not have been any better. 


Haute Route Alps 2018

Thanks Will  - I had a great experience all round and your service exceeded my expectations.  I’ll be back for sure. 


Haute Route Alps 2018

Hi Will, it was an outstanding week with a great team. Thanks for the photos and the great week riding through the Alps.


Haute Route Alps 2018

Will, Thank you for a great week!  I thought you and the team did a tremendous job.  You handled all the logistics with great care and a fantastic attitude.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thanks again to you and all the staff for a fantastic week!!


Haute Route Alps 2018

Thanks again to you & Laurie for our time in the mountains ... & the fantastic photos! Cheers


Haute Route Iron Rider : Pyrenees & Alps 2018 - Repeat Haute Route Alps 2014, Pyrenees 2015, Haute Route Dolomites 2016 and Haute Route Norway 2018

Thanks for everything, it exceeded my expectations by a lot! It was absolutely fantastic riding- it was also super fun riding with you! 


Haute Route Alps 2018

Hi Will, I am so happy that I could come back to Haute Route with twowheeltours again. It’s been two years since Pyrenees. I was almost thinking of giving up to do Haute Route after injury but you said you hold a spot till 2018 so I started to training again. It became the best cycling experience I have ever had. I really thank you and all of your staff. They were always nice and friendly. I believe that I could not finish the race without your support.  I would like to challenge Haute Route again and I am sure that I will be one of the riders of twowheeltours. I really say thank you again and see you soon in somewhere in the European mountains.  


Haute Route Alps 2018 - Repeat Haute Route Dolomites 2015 and Haute Route Pyrenees 2016

Once again, an absolute blast. Such fantastic memories.

You’ve created something pretty special with these small group adventures and it’s a privilege to have been part of the fun 2 years in a row now.


Haute Route Pyrenees 2018 - Repeat Haute Route Alps 2017

Thank You Will !! I was impressed by his willingness and hard work. In addition to having the energy to do the Haute Route, you are always in a good mood. You were really born to work with people. It should not be easy ... Thanks for everything!! 


Haute Route Pyrenees 2018

You and your crew do a tremendous job and I cannot image doing the Haute Route and managing all be outside logistics too. TWT understands what it takes to be a rider in multi-day HR events. They do everything possible to make your experience top notch and stress free. All you need to do is prep for each day, eat, sleep, and ride your bike!


Haute Route Pyrenees 2018 - Repeat Haute Route Alps 2014, Haute Route Dolomites 2016 and Haute Route Rockies 2017

I enjoyed my days at the Pyrinees immensely. Thanks to you and your team for making the effort to accommodate everyone’s needs.  Looking forward to my next adventure with TWT.


Haute Route Pyrenees 2018

We spent a great week. You created a fantastic atmosphere around you. 


Haute Route Pyreenes 2018 - Repeat Haute Route Alps 2012 & 2014, Pyrenees 2013 & 2015 and Haute Route Dolomites 2014

Thanks for everything, Will. I had a grand time again with you and your team. I cannot imagine anyone, anywhere offering a better service. You also attract the most enjoyable people to partake of these events. One always finishes these events a changed person and changed for the better.  The individual attention provided by Will and his team leave each member of the group feeling that he/she is TWT's most valued and important client.


Haute Route Pyrenees 2018 - Repeat Haute Route Alps 2017



Being part of the twowheeltours family has changed my life. Every single trip has just gotten better. I can’t wait to join you guys for my next trip.  I have so many highlights from this week that going to be talking about it non stop for weeks to come.  I would not have thought it was possible to find a Top 3 climb not to mention find something that could ever knock Stelvio off its number 1 spot. Bonette was a really special experience and something I will never forget. I know I am a client but I think of you as a friend and a true cycling companion. Thanks for once again making the Haute Route an exceptional experience and adding to my very selective list of truly mythical climbs.

Top climbs:

  1. Col de la Bonette 
  2. Passo Stelvio 
  3. Col du Galibier 
  4. Passo Giau 
  5. Col du Tourmalet 


Other favorites

Col de la Madeleine 

Alpe d Huez

Montee du Semnoz

Col du Glandon


Passo Gavia

Passo Falzarego

Mont Zoncolan

Passo Pordoi

col d Iseran

Passo delle Erbe

Passo Gardena

Mont Ventoux 

Col d Aubisque 

Cap de Long

Cormet de Roselend

Col d Izoard

Col de Vars

Sa Calobra 



Haute Route Alps 2018 - Repeat Haute Route Pyrenees 2016, Haute Route Alps 2017

Norway is fantastic and not to be underestimated. twowheeltours make it all the more enjoyable.


Haute Route Norway 2018 - Repeat Haute Route Alps 2012, Haute Route Pyrenees 2013, Haute Route Dolomites 2014, Haute Route Dolomites 2015 and Haute Route Rockies 2017

Truly memorable experience! Highly recommend #twowheeltours as everything is taken care of so all you need to do is ride your bike.


Haute Route Norway 2018

The inaugural Haute Route Norway promised to be something special, and it was. Amazing scenery, excellent roads and great comraderie - this event had it all. Once again, twowheeltours provided excellent organisation and support to attend a Haute Route event. If you are contemplating doing a multiday event, do yourself a favour and join a TWT group.


Haute Route Norway 2018 - Repeat Haute Route Triple 2015, Haute Route Rockies 2017, Haute Route Dolomites 2017 and Ride Across Portugal 2018

TWT trips are the best group cycling adventures we have found. With the addition of a partners program for non-riders, there is something for everyone. WhatsApp was used for communications among the our diverse international group, I have found when the posts continue well after the event as they did after HR Norway, it is a sign everyone had a great time and enjoyed each other’s company. 


Haute Route Norway 2018 - Repeat Haute Route 2015 and Haute Route Triple 2017

Great trip, well organised with fantastic support from the twowheeltours team. Great people, fun days on the bike & fun dinners & company.


Haute Route Norway 2018 - Repeat Haute Route Alps 2013, Haute Route Triple 2015 & 2017, Haute Route Rockies 2017 & Ride Across Portugal 2018

No two ways about it- twowheeltours- is too good to pass up. Will and his staff are top notch. A professional physio and mechanic are employed to keep both you and your bike finely tuned and ready to ride. Great planning and reconnaissance ensures that routes are scenic and safe before the Haute, and during the Haute, you feel as though a personal sag is assigned to make sure you are in need of nothing. The hotel accommodations and restaurants were top notch, all is taken care of. Any and every expectation I had was exceeded.  


Haute Route Norway 2018

Your personal attention and organizational skills made this trip memorable. We are still basking in the glow of accomplishment. twowheeltours is the most professional tour group that I have used in Europe. If you are looking for support and organization for a rigorous cycling trip, this is it! 


Haute Route Norway 2018

Would highly recommend twowheeltours.


HR Rockies 2018 - Repeat Italian Private Tour 2016

Once again Will Levy and his support team did a great job. Professional and well planned, with plenty of communication and options provided to the riders. So nice to have a mechanic looking after my bike, a masseur looking after my muscles, comfortable vehicles for transfers and having my luggage already in my room each afternoon. Really comforting to have Will in direct contact with the event organisers to convey late changes and being confident we are all being looked after, not getting late to start or lost on the route.


Ride Across Portugal 2018 - Repeat Haute Route Alps 2012, Dolomites 2014, Pyrenees 2015 & HR Rockies 2017

Amazing!!! Great experience on the Haute Route, even better with twowheeltours. Must do for the enthusiast cyclist.


Haute Route Rockies 2018

Which was your favourite day out on the bike during Ride Across Portugal [RAP] and why?  Day 1 and Day 2 - some hard riding through some beautiful country (the descent through the UNESCO-listed Alto Douro Wine Region and their terraces were a particular highlight). Also really enjoyed the Sintra ride, pre-RAP, including the lunch at the glorious beachside cafe. Memorable!


Haute Route events are great, but if you want to try something different, Ride Across Portugal should be on your list. Like HR, it is very professionally run with superb support. And it boasts some stages that (lengthwise) would not look out of place on a HR itinerary. But, unlike the HR, it is very intimate. There's pretty much one official for each rider, and everyone stays at the same hotel, so its easy to quickly get to know everyone. And the food, wine and camaraderie are exceptional.


Ride Across Portugal 2018 - Repeat Haute Route Triple 2015, HR Rockies 2017 & HR Dol 2017

Thanks for a great day and challenging ride. See you in Portugal!


Haute Route Training Ride - Camden March 2018

Will and Laurie, Thanks for a well organised day, and we enjoyed some previously unexperienced scenic ruralscape. Nice work.


Haute Route Training Ride - Camden March 2018

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