Testimonials: Some Happy Riders Tales

Hello Will - Thank you so much for everything on the tour. It made it a zillion times easier for me. I have low tolerance for things going wrong when I'm tired and hungry and I just know that would have happened without you and Laurie to organise me. I'm so impressed that you can ride all day and then sort us out in the non-riding times. You are completely unflappable! I really enjoyed it.


I don't think I would have finished the HR without being looked after. I would have struggled with messy transfers and disorganisation on top of riding. Thanks you and Laurie for all your care, support and organisation. It really showed.

Eleri (September 2013) - Haute Route Pyrenees 2013  

Thoroughly enjoyed the trip from a riding perspective and ditto from a non-riding viewpoint. We believe the logistics were handled very efficiently and I appreciated the separate transfers between stages that TWT had organised. The support staff were also very good in catering to our needs - especially Gorka. Even the smallest request was attended to - there is no way that I would consider doing the Haute Route without the level of support provided by TWT. We are happy to endorse the HR TWT trips and gladly act as referees for any other interested parties. We both want to do it again!!!!!

Detlef -Rider- & Lisa -Non Rider- (September 2013) - Haute Route Pyrenees 2013 

The service and dedication provided is excellent. I am very satisfied with the service. It is an excellent way of entering the Haute Route.

Grant (September 2013) - Haute Route Pyrenees 2013 - This was Grant's second Haute Route with twowheeltours

The trip was excellent. Will's attention to detail and anticipation of questions, issues etc meant everything ran smoothly and of a high standard. Joe's support was also greatly appreciated and he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time with a cheery smile and words of encouragement. I can't think of anything that could have been done any better.

Paul (July 2013) - Private # 2 Tour France inc TdF 2013

Question - Highlight of the trip? 

Answer - Nothing in particular, but it all came together so well. Excellent organisation/pre-planning, a good amount of flexibility, excellent support from Joe, amazing photos which I didn't get on my last trip, good accom and meals, great riding with friends.

Ben (July 2013) - Private # 2 Tour France inc TdF 2013

Question - What was your favourite day on the bike? 
Answer - The two rides in the Pyrenees National Park. The scenery was simply spectacular, and because they are lesser known locations with less people, it just made the experience all the more special and unique compared to many of the name routes.
Terry (July 2013) - Private # 2 Tour France inc TdF 2013

Overall the trip was extremely well organised which was probably the highlight as it allowed us to just follow directions and not think too much!

Adrian (July 2013) - Private # 2 Tour France inc TdF 2013
Question - Highlight of the trip? 
Answer - Actually not one single moment, but rather the diversity of the riding/experience, including the off bike experiences of food/locations. Well organised. And I like the fluidity, whereby changes to rides can be made depending on situation at hand.
Andy (July 2013) - Private # 2 Tour France inc TdF 2013

Question - Could the trip be made any better? 

Answer - Unlikely as it exceeded expectations in almost every facet. Will and Joe were fantastic: helpful, even tempered and great fun. Will has an amazing tolerance for stupidity! Great trip.

John (June/July 2013) - Private # 1 Tour France inc TdF 2013

This trip will be very hard to beat!!! Other comments???? Will and Joe - legends!

Giovanni (June/July 2013) - Private # 1 Tour France inc TdF 2013

G'day Will - Just had a look at all the photos you sent me ..... AWESOME!! It just makes me want to go back there even more. There's some real rippers on there! Brought back some great memories.

Trevor (April 2013) - Flow NZ MTB Trip 2013

Can't think of anything I would change. The weather was great and the trails were mind-blowing. Before going on this trip I new it was going to be good, but I never expected it to be soo much better than expected. This trip exceeded all expectations I had.
Ravi (March 2013) - Flow NZ MTB Trip 2013
I would like to thank you for the amazing time that was had in New Zealand, truly it was one of the greatest times of my life.  The trip has made me fall in love with mountain biking as a whole all over again.
Pat (March 2013) - Flow NZ MTB Trip 2013

I wanted to take this opportunity to once again thank you for a fantastic experience at the Haute Route. Whilst the event itself was a cracker, fantastically well organised and incredibly challenging, just as I had hoped, your supporting tour was even better. I loved that I didn't have to think about anything after each ride, and not just because of the fact that I simply couldn't! A cold drink and Joe's friendly face at the end was invaluable, as was the serenity of each place we stayed, especially Risoul. And the fact that you were pretty much always available to everyone, both on the road and afterwards, certainly made everyone relaxed about the challenge we were all facing. Should I feel the need to be as physically challenged as that week ever again, and I should I entertain the thought of ever getting back on a bike, twowheeltours.com.au will be the first website I look at.

Simon (August 2012)

Haute Route 2012

So was a top bike trip, maybe my best ever considering the total package of fearsome intense riding, a very fine ride group, excellent support by Joe and yourself, and a great hotel at each end. Memorable.

Bill (August 2012)

Haute Route 2012

I can only repeat how much of a great time we had with you in Italy. Your selections of accommodation, restaurants and activities were superb. Your planning and attention to detail made everything run so smoothly.

Peeter (June 2012)

Private Italy June 2012

You are a master at your craft Will, and I don't mean cycling. Your thoroughness in making thoughtful arrangements to ensure we non-riders were engaged in the local cuisines and environments was second to none. Clearly you are a people person and the care and attention you put in to the non-riders holiday was very apparent and much appreciated. I had no idea I would enjoy a cycling holiday so much!!!

Gail (June 2012)

Private Italy June 2012

Our trip was great, thanks to you! Our first impressions, well how could you go past strawberries and chocolate! The crew in Stein am Rhein [Switzerland] were great, organizing shoes, hiring high quality Trek suspension bikes, helmets. Great service. All appreciated. Expert skills coach in Fussen [Germany], delicious food and beer, what more could you desire. Throw in the Disney castle, cascading river and enormous slugs! Not to mention a wonderful Swiss inspired BBQ. Plus another bonus, the dry weather. As well as tasty apple, rhubarb, apricot, kiwi fruit strudel with cream.


Scuol [Switzerland] was great. The variety of rides - single track, trails, ups and downs, amazing bridges, castles, churches and natural scenery. Vernie and his residence and gastronomical experience. Xavier, the welcoming fit young guide. We were lucky at Scuol, the "Sun was IN".


Even though the weather wasn't in our favour we still enjoyed our trip to Predazzo. Yvette and Alberto also welcomed us. Their local knowledge was great ; thick hot chocolates, Speck house food and local drinks. Will, your photos and cooking were certainly an added bonus. We have never had so many quality holiday snaps; especially of us on the bikes, the odd cow and even a [Fiat] Panda or two! So many memorable moments -  riding at high altitude (2,500m) in the snow, riding into the field of grass and flowers near Predazzo. You captured everything in photos for us!

Helen (June 2012) 

Private MTB EU Tour - Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy

I will recommend you and your company to others and wish / hope / plan to do more organised rides in future!

Michael (May 2011)

Many Thanks and hope you see you on another weekend sometime in the future.

David (May 2011)

Thanks for being such a great guide. We loved having you lead our group.

Clay (August 2010)

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job taking care of us. You really went out your way to make it a wonderful trip. You literally gave us the coat off your back and saved us on a special  hill climb. One of the best parts of the whole trip was becoming friends with you.

Kevin (August 2010)

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