Testimonials: Some Happy Riders Tales

We just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU” to you for a superb job, well done. Your organisation was seamless, your staff did a great support job but most importantly, you led from the front. You made time to ride with everyone (including us back-markers!) took some great photos, were totally committed to a top-rate professionally run show and, more importantly, you still found the time to be friendly and personally involved with everyone.

Bryan and I had a great time. Tough, challenging, rewarding but made more enjoyable through the great team you ran, which we were glad to be part of. Kind regards 

Richard C

Dear Will - I had a blast. Loved every minute. Here's hoping I get my sponsorship contract renewed and next year I can continue my racing career. To you, Joe and all the team a huge thanks. Thanks again

Bryan C

Congratulations!! You are a legend! An triple crow man! That is an incredibly impressive effort to finish all 3 HRs end on. Not to mention the fact that you are running a cycling tour company, making arrangements daily, adapting to changes, and most significantly, looking after clients. It's all done inconspicuously, happily and with good humour. There's not one thing I can think of that was "wrong." I had a great time. Again! Couple this with riding better this time, and watching my good mate Owen simply eat up those Alps, having a great time with Heather (a non rider), it has been a very satisfying and memorable experience. And the word "redemption" springs to mind. One more thing, a special thanks for your help up Ventoux. It's the one time I've really appreciated having a friend ride alongside me. The photo of us coming over the line I think epitomises that. 

Simon M

Many thanks again for a well-organised trip. 

S Coles

Wheelhaus Weekend - Southern Highlands NS June 2014

Hi Will - Thanks for a great weekend. I had an awesome time. That was a spectacular loop [to Kiama] and very well organised so thank you very much. 

J McAdam

Cheers for the weekend and redefining a(de)scents. Wheelhaus weekends make you faster and stronger. 

A Tooman

Question - Which was your favourite day? Everyday was a highlight, but if I was to choose one it would be Thursday . . . . no wait Wednesday, actually Friday was also damn good . . . but there was also Saturday. Why? Because I love MTBing and the trails in and around Rotorua are sensational. 


Question - Best meal of the trip? No, sorry can't limit to one. Each night gave a change of venue and a good choice of menu. Excellent.


Question - Could we have made the trip any better? I'm not sure how you would make it better. There was enough variety each day even though mostly located in Rotorua. I thought your mix of trails was excellent, and the timing for each day also good. The shuttles were scheduled for just the right times. The organisation throughout the 5 days was very professional and seamless (a testament to the pre-planning no doubt).

Grant (Flowtorua NZ Rotorua March 2014)

This trip blew my expectations out of the water. I think it is value in terms of the quality of customer service from Will and the riding memories that it has given. The organisation was faultless, accommodation great, food was top-notch, the group was awesome... and the trails weren't bad either! I had such a good time on the trip... but the come-down is awful! Cheers for the brilliant riding memories which have been added to the brain bank. Thanks Will.

Kieran (Flowtorua NZ Rotorua March 2014)

The trip was really well laid out and went very smoothly!

Grant (Giant NZ Rotorua March 2014)

Thanks Will A magnificent trip! Much appreciate your leadership, advice and assistance throughout. Cheers 

Gary (Giant NZ Rotorua March 2014)

Well done Will. I loved it. 10 out of 10. The company the weather and great organisation made it a fantastic trip. I love a holiday where I can just turn up switch off and just go with the flow and not worry about anything else. I am still dreaming about Corners but in my dreams I am much faster and getting air.

Ravi (Flowtorua NZ Rotorua March 2014)

Thanks again for an unforgettable holiday. Cheers 

Gil (Flowtorua NZ Rotorua March 2014)

Thanks heaps. I had ball.

Mark (Flowtorua NZ Rotorua March 2014)

It was an absolutely fantastic week away. I'd love to get a bigger group of mates together to come back again. Thanks very much for all your work,  Will. You did a great job of organising everything. Well done. Cheers

Gary (Flowtorua NZ Rotorua March 2014)

Thanks so much for a great experience.

Rob (Flowtorua NZ Rotorua March 2014)

Overall an awesome 5 days and achieved what I wanted which was plenty of riding. I pushed myself hard doing more k's and m's than any other rides, but came through feeling great. Will, thanks for a superb trip. It was amazing all the "little" things that you thought of which added to the enjoyment including, snacks, drinks, daily photos etc etc.

Grant (Flowtorua NZ Rotorua March 2014)

Thanks for an awesome tour! I'm hard pressed to think how the trip could have been better. I’m sure you’ll see us back again soon. 

Julie (Flowtorua NZ Rotorua March 2014)

Great trip with everything taken care of so all you have to do is enjoy the riding. Great skills sessions and advise from the team to improve your riding, it was excellent.

Chris (Flowtorua NZ Rotorua March 2014)

Hi Will, I wanted to say a big thanks for a great trip in Rotorua and Taupo – such a blast.
Richard (Giant NZ Rotorua March 2014)

Hey Will wanted to thank you for an amazing trip, loved every minute of it! Looking forward to practicing some skills back home for when I can hopefully join you again. Favourite part of the trip? All of it - heaps of riding in Waka Forest, everything so well organised / easy / helpful. Had the best time.

Sophie (Giant NZ Rotorua March 2014)

We love having all your photos to enjoy!!! 

Jim and Carol (Haute Route Alps 2013)

Question - Could we have made the trip any better? Very well run & organised. Didn't have to worry about a thing - everything was taken care of which I really like. Overall - great trip. Good variety of trails and lots of fun. Thanks Will.
Anthony (November 2013) - Giant Cycling Club Sydney NZ MTB Tour

Question - Could we have made the trip any better? No change necessary. The accommodation was great, everything was very well organised. Will Levy made all feel welcome and included. The trails were fantastic - something for everyone. The best break I have had for a long time!

Dave (October 2013) - Flowtorua NZ MTB Tour

Question - Highlight of the trip - EVERYDAY but I would say the Taupo trail day was pretty special


Which was your favourite day out on the bike and why? Again, EVERYDAY! The flowing trails we did with Gaz (NZO) were probably my favourite, not too technical, but fast flowy and super fun.


In your eyes was the trip good value? Yes.


Could we have made the trip any better? Don't see how it could have been better! Amazing weather, sweet trails, good bunch of riders and great organisation.

Sasha (November 2013) - Giant Cycling Club Sydney NZ MTB Tour

Question - Could we have made the trip any better? Trip went really well; logistically everything went beutifully even for Anthony and his missing bike.

[Side note: Anthony's bike did not make it to Rotorua until the Wednesday afternoon. This was no problem as we had a 2014 Giant Trance 27.5" bike for him to use for the first two days, he did not miss one session]


In your eyes was the trip good value? Yes. Very.

Bart (November 2013) - Giant Cycling Club Sydney NZ MTB Tour

Thanks, Will. You put together a fantastic 5 days - a great holiday. And thanks for all your encouragement and advice with the riding!


Question - Highlight of the trip - the trails

Question - In your eyes was the trip good value? Yes.

Question - Could we have made the trip any better? I really appreciated how well organised it was and your enthusiasm to keep riding when our energy was flagging (without that enthusiasm, I probably would have stopped at some point). And because of that level of organisation, we were able to get a lot of riding in, without needing time to organise ourselves or energy to think.


I loved the way in which you managed to get a group of adults lined up at the door on time, without being bossy.


With the riding, I liked the way there was no pressure to go fast.


I think your enthusiasm was contagious - the fact that you wanted and expected people to ride as much as possible meant that we did.


Having the trip to Lake Taupo in the middle of the trip was great. Nice to have a day where I didn't have to concentrate a lot on the riding and my upper body got a rest.


All up, I thought the trip was really professional, lots of fun, challenging, and really good for gaining confidence in descending! Thanks a lot, Will!

Alison (November 2013) - Giant Cycling Club Sydney NZ MTB Tour

Hey Will, What a week. Eat, drink, ride, repeat. Plenty of laughs. And a little unfinished business. Cheers. 

Liz (November 2013) - Giant Cycling Club Sydney NZ MTB Tour

Hi Will, Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed the NZ trip and will be definitely booking in for the March Flowtorua trip next year. The legs are feeling the pain but going thru the video files last night still had the smile on my face. Thanks for all the hard work you and Laurie went to with every detail of the trip, all the support and great advice on the rides and making sure everyone had a fantastic tour. Exceptional value and worth every cent.
Chris (October 2013) - Flowtorua NZ MTB Tour

It was a great trip and thanks again for everything you did to make things run so smoothly ... The organisation was excellent and everything ran very smoothly ... the trip itself was excellent and I wouldn't do the HR with anyone else. 

Joseph (August 2013) - Haute Route Alps 2013
The trip was beyond my expectation. I'm pretty sure my boys [Shoko was the Team Tauge Team Manager] were satisfied perfectly, they became relaxed and made friends with other tour members...even though there were some language communication problems. When riders saw Joe at the goal or saw Will in the peloton, they really got encouraged and relieved. Thank you for your hospitality, we really appreciate everything you've done for us.

Y. Shoko (August 2013) - Haute Route Alps 2013 

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