Testimonials: Some Happy Riders Tales

Hi Will,  It was a great trip. We all had a really good time and will have very fond recollections of our time in Canada.  John Farrow [our tour manager] did a great job. He has a friendly, easy going manner and shows leadership. He is an awesome rider and a great coach.  The food and accommodation was very good / excellent – especially in Whistler. We all had an awesome time. Cheers


Squamish & Crankworx Whistler - August 2015

Hi Will, just a note to thank you for accommodating me on your tour with Ray.  I thoroughly enjoyed following the guys riding, your team Joe, Laurie, Romain and Gorka were amazing, true gentlemen. I now know why when the men ride one tour with you, they return for 2 and 3 more. The Haute event is an amazing event, something we never see in Australia and your twowheeltours is the icing on the cake for any rider.

 If your OK with me following the the riders with your team I will be back with Ray again in a couple of years. I had a great day with Heather and Gorka with the cooking class followed by a delicious lunch and the trip up Tourmalet. Again a big thankyou to you and your team, a rider or non rider could not be treated any better. twowheeltours have so much respect, not just by riders but also the Haute community and organisers/volunteers. Kind Regards


Haute Route Pyrenees Non Rider 2015

Highlight of the trip? Finishing the Triple Crown. Having fun with Gerald [one of the lead motor bike support riders]. Riding with Will. All of the people, staff, riders and HR volunteers.

Could we have made the trip any better? No Will, it was great thanks to you and your superb staff best trip of my life (and I've done a few).


Haute Route Triple Crown Rider - Pyrenees, Alps & Dolomites 2015 plus repeat rider with twowheeltours from Haute Route Alps 2013

Thanks again for a truly memorable ride.


Haute Route Dolomites 2015 - repeat rider with twowheeltours from Haute Route Alps 2012, Pyrenees 2013 and Dolomites 2014

Thank you, and your team for making my Haute Route experience the best.  I’ve been home for a couple of days now and have been able to enjoy the event again as I tell folks about it. Cheers.


Haute Route Alps 2015

Hi Will - Thanks so much for your support, and that of the team, during the three weeks. Amazing experience - still absorbing it.

Highlight of the trip? There were many, but most particularly (1) the comraderie among the twowheeltours riders, (2) the hot shower after the descent of the Col d'Izoard [a wet stage during the HR Alps] (3) staying at the Negresco in Nice and (4) crossing the finish line on the final stage [in Venice after the Triple Crown].

Which was your favourite day out on the bike and why? A few contenders, but probably Day 4 of the Haute Route Alps - Serre Chevalier to Les Deux Alps (via Lautaret, Galibier, Croix de Fer and Les Deux Alps). A long day, but I felt strong, the weather was good, the climbs were spectacular.

Could we have made the trip any better? It was a fantastic trip. It was everything I had hoped it would be - and more. It was memorable, epic, extremely mentally and physically taxing, and there was great comraderie among the twowheeltours riders.


My number one tip to anyone considering doing a Haute Route (particularly if they are contemplating doing the Triple Crown) is: do it through twowheeltours.


Will, Laurie, Joe, Romain and Gorka carry a big load, looking after everything from booking meals and accommodation, getting your bags from one place to the next, providing on-course support, taking care of mechanicals, attending briefings, giving you massages, and organising transfers, which leaves you to concentrate solely on your cycling. It is worth every cent. Their experience and care guarantee you will get the best out of the Haute Route experience, and you will have a lot of fun along the way.


Haute Route Triple Crown Rider - Pyrenees, Alps & Dolomites 2015

Thanks Will and all Your staff: Laurie, Joe, Romain and Gorka for an incredible job and support and for making me feel like a little piece of your cycling family.


Haute Route Pyrenees 2015 - repeat rider with twowheeltours from Haute Route Alps 2014

I am very appreciative of all the help, looking after my bike and making sure we were always well prepared for the next days riding.


Haute Route Pyrenees 2015

Could we have made the trip any better? Will, as discussed the TWT team and you have matured into a fantastic provider of top class cycling tours. It is hard to think of anything that you need to improve. Some other highlights for me that are worth mentioning are: - Joe handing me a cup of tea at the top of a cold wet climb. - Unloading all my unwanted gear onto Laurie when I had warmed up. - Relaxing massage from Romain. The support offered by the TWT team does wonders to making the Haute Route more enjoyable and allowing me to concentrate on and enjoy the riding despite the challenging conditions. A great job and 10 out of 10. Thanks!


Haute Route Dolomites 2015 - repeat rider with twowheeltours from Haute Route Alps 2012, Haute Route Pyrenees 2013, Haute Route Dolomites 2014

Could we have made the trip any better?  We have nothing but praise for the TWT team, there is nothing more that could've been done - another sterling performance by the crew. We said after doing our first trip with TWT that we'd back (and we were) and we're happy to say that after our second trip we intend being back again. We really couldn't ask anything more of the service that TWT provides. In a word you guys are "magnifico"!

Detlef and Lisa

Haute Route Dolomites 2015 - repeat rider and non-rider with twowheeltours from Haute Route Pyrenees 2013

We have very fond memories of our trip. It's quite an event and TWT made made it extra special. We still can't get over the energy you put into it--truly impressive (you deserve a nice break)!

A review from his newsletter:

A tip of the Hat: Our twowheeltours leader, Will Levy, rode each stage; took photos of us and posted them that evening; meticulously organized his support team and all the logistics; seemed to ride as fast as he wanted…..Oh, he also rode the Haute Route Pyrenees the week before and Haute Route Dolomites the week after (over 180,000 feet of climbing—6 “Everests”)!


Haute Route Alps 2015

THANKS again for another amazing HR experience ... again your Crew were fantastic.


Haute Route Pyrenees 2015 - repeat rider with twowheeltours from Haute Route Alps 2014

Hi Will & Team,

What a week! No more arrows to follow, no one to assist us and we had to think for ourselves.  Outrageous, but we survived.  We have many magic moments from the Haute Route we wish to thank you for.  Both of us are proud of our effort and results during the event but more importantly we are appreciative of the assistance from you and your team to make it effortless for us.  Well done also to all the triple crowners for finishing...I am in awe.  The past week has included much banter about Haute Route 2017. Possible triple/double crown so no doubt you will hear from us in the near future.  Thanks again. 

Brian and Dianne 

Haute Route Alps 2015

Dear Will

Just want to say thanks for a great trip. Thanks to Gorka, Joe, Romaine and Laurie. I had a blast. Still love my bike and only gained one kg. All muscle??? Have a good break and looking forward to next year already. Cheers for now. 


Haute Route Triple Crown Rider - Pyrenees, Alps & Dolomites 2015 plus repeat rider with twowheeltours from Haute Route Alps 2014

Thanks once again to you and the team for a great tour through the Pyrenees!!!


Haute Route Pyrenees 2015 - repeat rider with twowheeltours from Haute Route Alps 2014

Hi Will

Thanks again for all your help and support. It's been a hell of a three weeks. Great trip, great crew & organisation. Could not have done it without you.  You are a legend Mr Levy!


Haute Route Triple Crown Rider - Pyrenees, Alps & Dolomites 2015 plus repeat rider with twowheeltours from Haute Route Alps 2013

We just arrived home this afternoon. The pictures make me sad not to be part of Dolomite group. I really had a great time thank you once again for a woderfull experience.


Haute Route Alps - August 2015

Will, It's always hard to get back to reality after such a great trip. I'm in completely vacation hangover mode right now.

I really enjoyed the group. John Farrow is a great guide. His technical ability really translated into superb feedback and learning new techniques. He worked his tail off to show us great trails and tailor the riding for all levels.

Thanks for the tour. Cheers


Squamish & Crankworx Whistler - August 2015

The trip was excellent. I found the riding a combination of challenging, exhilarating and terrifying. The point of a trip like this is to get out of the comfort zone and it did that very tidily. I thought John [the tour manager] did a great job too, he clearly knows his stuff and sets a pretty high bar in terms of bike skills. All the above is well and good but the proof in what I’ve said is; would I do twowheeltours Canada again? Yes I would.


Squamish & Crankworx Whistler - August 2015

Hi Will - Thanks again for the fantastic Pyrenees trip. Good group, great helpers, well done again Will. 


Haute Route Pyrenees - August 2015 - repeat rider with twowheeltours from Haute Route Alps 2013 + Haute Route Dolomites 2014

Hi Will, I thought I would just send you a quick email now given the whole Haute Route experience is still fresh in my mind. I had an absolutely amazing and unforgettable week. The race was definitely one of the best things I have ever done although I must admit that right at the moment the overriding feeling I have is one of relief - relief that I know I can do it, relief that I didn't get hurt, relief that I had no issues with the bike and relief that I finished. However I can see that over time (it is already happening) this feeling of relief will morph into feelings of incredible satisfaction as well as sheer joy knowing that I did the best I could.


The tremendous experience I had however would not have been possible without twowheeltours and your team. Joe, Laurie, Gorka and Romain are all deadset legends. Their willingness to help, their friendly and warm approach and their genuine concern for all the riders is something I will never forget. You have a terrific team. 


Finally I just want to say a big thank you to you Will. My previous experience with bike touring companies has been somewhat disappointing.  However, my experience on this tour and with twowheeltours has been the complete opposite. Your calm demeanour and your attitude that no problem is too big or too small made my whole experience a stress free and incredible one and for this I am extremely grateful. All I had to worry about was riding the bike. If I ever fire up again to do another HR, twowheeltours is the first place I wil be calling.


So thank you once again and good luck in the Alps and Dolomites. 



Haute Route Pyrenees - August 2015

Haute Route Pyrnenees done and dusted! What a totally epic week with the most spectacular views and great company along the way. Thanks to Will of twowheeltours for another superbly organised trip! Until next time...

Simon Blackett

2015 Haute Route Pyrenees - August 2015

Could we have made the trip any better?  Thanks Will - great great trip. You never stopped trying to make it even better. We had white glove service.

Best meal of the trip?  Too many to say!

Anything else - So great to see the Lacets de Montvernier on TV (Tour de France 2015) with commentators saying it may be the most beautiful climb in the tour ever. Thanks for taking us up there, Will. 


Private Road Tour in the French Alps - May/June 2015

That trip we did last year was so good probably one of my best holidays ever.


Manly Cycles MTB Rotorua October 2014

Could we have made the trip any better? The organisation was impeccable Will, so no further comments. You were flexible when we wanted to be but kept us moving which was also important. 

Your knowledge of the best routes including Lacets de Montvernier (Tour de France 2015) was A1! Makes me want to go back again! 


Private Road Tour in the French Alps - May/June 2015

Highlight of the trip?  Not having to worry about anything....everything so well organised...just ride and enjoy it.

Which was your favourite day out on the bike and why?  Cormet de Roseland...great climb, scenery, descent and some good flats plus nice villages.


Private Road Tour in the French Alps - May/June 2015

Thanks again for great trip. It was the best organized holiday I've been on. Everything thought about, tested and delivered. Nothing to think about, and totally flexible. Brilliant holiday.


Private Road Tour in the French Alps - May/June 2015

Hey Will, Thanks again for an awesome week of riding the sweetest trails I've ever seen. I keep having flashbacks replaying riding those trails in my mind. Looking forward to seeing you again in Rotorua next year.


Rotorua Crankworx March 2015

In your eyes was the trip good value? Absolutely, the itinerary mix with some local interaction - brilliant.

Could we have made the trip any better? Another other comments?  This ticked all the boxes, the service and accommodation was first class - I really don't know where you could improve.


Queenstown April 2015 

In your eyes was the trip good value? Absolutely. Will always delivers a well laid out itinerary with heaps of riding,great food and damn good accommodation. 


Queenstown April 2015 - two time NZ Return Rider

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