Testimonials: Some Happy Riders Tales

Hi Gents, just wanted to let you know I totally enjoyed the ride yesterday... nice to catch with some previous HRers, meet some new people and get out of Sydney on some new roads. Thanks once again for a great day out! Cheers


Haute Route Training Ride - Camden March 2018

My legs want to thank both you and Laurie for being amazing again today. The hurt was good hurt, descents were WICKED and the company created big salty crusty smiles.


Haute Route Training Ride - Camden March 2018

This was my third Rotorua mtb trip with Two Wheel Tours. The tour is so well organised from riding the The Redwoods, getting shuttles, to the different restaurants each night, you don't have to think about a thing. A true holiday shared with other like minded people. Thanks Will!


Manly Cycles Rotorua MTB Tour November 2017 - Repeat Rotorua 2016 & 2015

Thanks again  for the great tour and for all the details that made such a difference (snacks and cold drinks at the end of the day, and all the assistance with our bikes) and of course, all of your encouragement.


Women's Only Rotorua MTB Tour November 2017

The PRD [Post Rotorua Depression] struggle is real. Epic trip!

Which was your favourite day out on the bike and why?  Day 3, 70 of the best kms on two wheels!


Manly Cycles Rotorua MTB Tour November 2017

Best meal of the trip?  Quality and quantity of food every night was great.

Anything else to add?  I was so excited to go on this tour that I was a bit worried it wouldn't live up to my expectations. I needn't have worried - it actually exceeded my expectations. We didn't need to think about a thing except riding our bikes! Everything was so well organized - the great hotel (pool and spa essential to the day's recovery!), private shuttles, snacks, choice of trails, dinners out and all round good vibes. Thank you for a fantastic week. Can't wait to do it again.


Women's Only Rotorua MTB Tour November 2017

As a returning customer all I can say is Will never disappoints. I can highly recommend twowheeltours, this time I had 4 friends join me.... From start to finish I felt well catered for and looked after. Best trip for girls who want to ride in a stress free environment.


Women's Only Rotorua MTB Tour November 2017 - Repeat Rotorua 2015

Will is an amazing guide and organizer, the whole trip ran absolutely smoothly, with everything catered for you. The only thing you can be concerned about is whether or not you'll make it to the spa at the end of the day ! For the rest it's all set for you: breaky, the ride, lunch options, dinner... Real holidays where MTB is king. And Rotorua is the actually the paradise than everyones describes, you just need to see the trails to understand it. Thanks again Will for this magic trip.


Manly Cycles Rotorua MTB Tour November 2017

I would highly recommend this women's only mountain bike tour to Rotorua with Will Levy's twowheeltours. Will has perfected the art of tailoring and catering a tour that challenges and thrills in the beautiful Rotorua mountain bike park area. The accommodation, meals, technical support and guidance from Will plus last but not least, the trails were all excellent. I, and my biking mates, had the best time ever.


Women's Rotorua MTB Tour November 2017

Well organised and great fun crew.


Manly Cycles Rotorua MTB Tour November 2017 - Repeat Rotorua 2016

Amazing trip, was very well organised. I was still able to push myself and havie fun while going at my own pace. The trails varied from smooth simple and flowing tracks to steep technical single track that had great B lines if needed. I will definitely come back.


Manly Cycles Rotorua MTB Tour November 2017

Once wasn't enough so I had to come back for more with more friends. Prep work all done and I don't have to think about a thing...other than what to wear.


Manly Cycles Rotorua MTB Tour November 2017 - Repeat Rotorua 2016

This is just one final thank you for giving us such an awesome week -  it was so much fun.


Women's Rotorua MTB Tour November 2017

We really enjoyed our time in the Dolomites and going with twowheeltours makes it a lot more fun and pleasant.


Haute Route Dolomites 2017 - Repeat Haute Route Alps 2015

Many thanks Will, Laurie and staff. As a bit of a weekend weekend warrior, I was cooked four hours into a scorching Stage 1. Will scraped me off the side of the road, rehydrated me, dragged me up the next climb and got me to Pra Loup. This was the theme for the week. Superb meals, hotels and race support gave us every chance to excel. I went in hoping to avoid the sag wagon, but acheived much more. Smashing it now on the roads back home and looking forward to HR 2018.


Haute Route Alps 2017

This past year I've departed the world of three sports (triathlon) for one of only cycling. Coupled with the want to congratulate myself for staying alive for 30 years and needing to validate my solo sport modality beyond initialized by injury, I sought out what I thought sounded like the most grueling cycling race I could legally sign up for with no qualification process. I landed on the inaugural Haute Route Rockies as it had many quantifiable but not relatable to me, kilometers to pedal, hills to go ascend and descend, and added bonuses like gravel all at altitudes well above sea level. 
There were peaks and troughs in life and training in the lead up. Doubt, questions of privilege, balance, and even attendance were present in both. But I got there and to both to start line and finish line in the end. 
Having completed the race, the final total kilometers, elevation gained, percent grades, amount of gravel ridden, general ranking upon completion, whether I was prepared or not prepared, still don't have a relation to me. What I do know is that I decided not to stop although I just spotted, in the wild, my first momma bear and cub because I was in a timed section and working this valley as no other rider could. I'll remember the blank stare of a yellow-bellied marmot as I inched my way up Independence Pass, again not stopping because the end of the timed section couldn't be too much further. (The end was still about 40 minutes away and at my speed the Garmin had probably already auto-paused.) I'll remember the ABBA song bouncing around the canyon walls and in my head hours later that had been projected in the early morning from a team follow car that had long since passed. I'll remember deciphering what I assume is Polish because of the flag icon on the Haute Route race numbers in front of me for 'how is this girl still with us' as my bunch suddenly veered off and I continued on my own. Lastly, I'll remember calculating how long it would take for the next rider to find me, should a bear cross my path, upset I didn't respect the first bear sighting by at least coasting my bike and this new bear would set it right by knocking me from my bike as I climbed this endless gravel nightmare of a road towards yet another giant rock for what seemed like ages. I guesstimate about the time it took to read that sentence; the run-on was purposeful. 
I am thankful for completing what I set out to do. It took friends to place things into perspective and it took training rides arranged before what most consider a reasonable riding time many times over. I'm immensely thankful for a miscommunication that brought most riders half a day late to start of stage 7 in Colorado Springs because it gave our tour group a chance to decompress and visit the federal lockup where the likes of Timothy McVeigh had been detained. I say likes of because the US still practices capital punishment. That was a a lighthearted joke about American policies if you missed it.
Like most millennials, I've earned praise for just being present and participating, but I at least smiled despite obvious exertion when others could not. It was great, it was fabulous, you can make it a race to push yourself or a riding experience when you think you can't. I haven't solved anything or done anything unique, there will still be peaks and troughs, but I stuck to my guns and deservedly earned some grit. 
Haute Route Rockies 2017

As a three-time client, Will keeps raising the bar. The level of service and attention to detail is unbelievable and always makes for a memorable Haute Route experience.


Haute Route Alps 2017 - Repeat Haute Route Alps 2014 & Haute Route Rockies 2017

Will and his twowheeltours team provided an exceptional Haute Route ride experience !!! highly recommend......


Haute Route Dolomites 2017

twowheeltours are the real deal in seamlessly combining knowledge and professionalism with genuine individual care and interest. I couldn't recommend them more highly.
Haute Route Dolomites 2017

Hi Will, Thank you for the wonderful week in Dolomites, your great support and your marvelous staff makes me feel really well. It was very enjoyable and rewarding.


Haute Route Dolomites 2017 - Repeat Haute Route Dolomites 2016 - Alps 2015

twowheeltours is the difference between making it truly memorable vs truly stressful.


Haute Route Pyrenees 2017 - Repeat Haute Route Dolomites 2016

Another superbly organised and run trip. Even with the worst weather that the Dolomites could throw at us - causing the cancellation of a stage for the first time in Haute Route history - the TWT crew did not miss a beat. Travelling with TWT is the ONLY way to do the Haute Route.


Haute Route Dolomites 2017 - Repeat Haute Route Triple 2015 & Haute Route Rockies 2017

Without a doubt I will return and do HR again and I will only do it with Will and his team. The trip was incredibly well run, the level of professionalism and care shown was exceptional. It was like living in a little bubble where everything was taken care of, really, I've never experienced anything like it, to the point that it all seems a bit surreal looking back on it now a few weeks later. Then I see the HR finishers medal sitting on my desk and realise it wasn't all a dream!


Haute Route Pyrenees 2017

TWT have it down packed, their service is second to none. The only thing you need to worry about is how to get from the start to the finish line each day. TWT will look after everything else from delivering your bags to the hotel, breakfast and dinner, bike maintenance and nightly briefings. TWT are the professionals when it comes to looking after the client 1st on events such as the Haute Route. Thank you Will & team. A+


Haute Route Alps 2017

What impressed me most about twt was Will's amazing attitude and the fact that he rides with us. He knows exacly what you need during and after the race and that's why you get an excellent service as a participant.


Haute Route Pyrenees 2017

Thanks Will - Really enjoyed the event. Thank you to you and your team. Fantastic. My ultimate sporting achievement!
Haute Route Pyrenees 2017 - Repeat Haute Route Dolomites 2015

For an enthusiastic, 65 year old cyclist, the HR Pyrenees was always a "crazy" target. My wife and cycling mates kept repeating this to me. I hoped that 10 months of training and some long distance weeks of training in the hills would prepare me but until the start in Anglet, the anxiety about my ability to finish the week remained. From the moment we arrived in Anglet and met the twowheeltours support crew, my confidence grew that I would be OK. Every day was so hard, fast paced bunches on the flat sections, repeated, long, steep climbs, much steeper at times than expected really tested my stamina and confidence. But seeing Quentin, Jerome and Laurie at the feed stations, their smiles, practical help with food and drinks and their encouragement made such a difference. Will Levy frequently dropped back through the bunch to ride with us and to offer support, again so important. This was one of those life events for me, not to be repeated but so pleased I did it, especially with my brother. I could not have achieved this without the TWT organisation, support and encouragement.


Haute Route Pyrenees 2017

Highlight of the trip?  The sense of camaradiere from the bunch of guys on the trip, and the great hosting by Will and Gorka.

Which was your favourite day out on the bike and why? The epic Tourmalet + Aspin + Peyresourde. Real sense of achievement.

The perfect European cycling escape from the southern hemisphere winter.


Private San Sebastian and Pyrenees Tour 2017

Hello, I am back at work enjoying the NZ winter which is wet and cold. I would like to thank both of you for yet again providing us with an outstanding cycling experience,  I really enjoyed the cycling but also camaraderie and friendship. If you are a bike enthusiast and love the challenge of riding some of Europe's best bike routes then twowheeltours is the way to go. Superbly organised, excellent value, good fun and the only thing you need to worry about is what colour lycra to wear in the morning and riding your bike. Cheers


Private San Sebastian and Pyrenees Tour 2017 - Repeat Rider from 2015

Thanks. Again the two of you were fabulous. Very professional and exceptionally organised.


Private San Sebastian and Pyrenees Tour 2017

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